Here We are to serve as a platform of experience sharing of doctors willing to share their know how with honesty and thus spreading their clinical knowledge for the welfare of doctors and patients all over India.
Serve as a platform for doctors for presenting evidences in clinical aspects of Ayurveda where ever possible to instill confidence in the practicing doctors and also the common public who are ignorant about Ayurveda’s clinical strength.
Popularise uncommon methods of therapies / treatments of Ayurveda for the benefit of society.
Help young students to have access to real life cases and infuse confidence in them regarding the vast potential of Ayurveda’s clinical strengths.
Convey the strength and weakness – realistic cure prospects – of Ayurveda in different ailments – to the public and to professionals of other systems of medicine.
Invite doctors to present their clinical experiences in audio , printed or video format as a common data bank for the utilization of all practicing doctors.